Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial Fund

About Us

The Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial Fund was created in June 2011 by the Cavanagh family. Tom Cavanagh (whose story can be viewed by clicking on the "Tom's Story" link above) lived a good, healthy life. Yet, as he approached his mid-twenties, he developed a severe mental illness that worsened and intensified for three years before ultimately taking his life in January 2011. This Fund was created by his family and friends to help those suffering from mental illness as Tom did. Please explore our site to learn more about Tom's life, our initiatives, and ways to fight the ramifications of mental illness.

Mission Statement

The formal mission of the Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial Fund is to aid those suffering with mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, through education, research and treatment programs. The Fund promotes educational programs and conferences on mental illness with the goal of raising awareness of the presence of the disease in society. Also the Fund supports research in the area of schizophrenia, both causes and treatment, as well as services provided for those suffering from mental illness.


Each year, the Fund's main event is held near the ocean in Rhode Island, where Tom loved to spend his time. The event features a hockey tournament followed by a dinner reception. The primary purpose of this event is to bring Tom's family and closest friends together to celebrate and remember Tom. Secondly, it is to raise awareness about the Fund and its objectives.