Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial Fund

Grier Potter and Andrew Lederman Wedding

June 2012

In June, Grier Potter and Andrew Lederman, former classmates and close friends of Tom, were married. Grier and Andrew gave their wedding guests the option to donate to the TGC Fund.

Below is a statement from Grier and Andrew about Tommy and their wedding:

"Weddings are not just about the happy couple. One of the things that has made our upcoming wedding so special and exciting for us is that it has helped us remember how blessed we are to have so many extraordinary people in our lives. We hope you will consider honoring one of them, Tom Cavanagh, by donating to the Thomas Cavanagh Memorial Fund.

Tom was a dear friend to both of us. Andrew’s roommate and teammate for four years, he was someone who could always bring a smile to both of our faces. After college, both of us had the pleasure of attending many of his professional games and are so proud of everything he accomplished. Although he was an outstanding athlete, we remember him most for his selflessness and humor; for being easy to be with and for truly being a wonderful friend. After learning about his struggle with mental illness, we also admire his courage and strength. We miss him more than he will ever know, but we also know he will be forever with us in spirit. The fund and its mission are an outstanding reflection of our generous and thoughtful friend."

The TGC Fund would like to thank Grier, Andrew, and all the wedding guests for all the generosity and support.