Thomas G. Cavanagh Memorial Fund

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

November 7, 2015

Dave Cavanagh, Tom’s younger brother, ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon to support the ICC and TGC Fund. Below is a statement from Dave:

“On November 7, I will be running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon to raise awareness and money for people suffering from mental illness. I will be running to support the InterFaith Counseling Center (via the TGC Fund and in memory of my older brother, Tom.

Tom passed away in January 2011 after a battle with schizophrenia. Tom was a talented person. He attended Harvard University and played in the NHL. Learn more about Tom's life here. More importantly and impressively, Tom was a selfless person who put others before himself.

It's with Tom's humble spirit in mind that the TGC Fund has chosen to partner with the InterFaith Counseling Center. The mission of the ICC is to provide affordable and professional counseling to individuals and groups. The Center offers a wide range of counseling services by professional clinical practitioners who are sensitive to the physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual dimensions of life.

It’s estimated that mental illness affects 1 in 4 people. Charities and organizations that raise awareness and funds to support these people are not always the most popular for people to support. Tom’s diagnosis and battle with schizophrenia was a difficult thing to witness and understand. His passing inspired my family to help raise awareness about the reality of these types of illnesses. I’m excited to continue carrying out the mission of the TGC Fund by raising awareness and funds for the ICC through the Indianapolis Marathon. Each dollar raised will go directly to supporting those suffering.

Thank you for your support!”

Dave Cavanagh

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